Our 20 gallon (Yellow) bag will support two standard laundry baskets a week. And our 30 gallon (Red) bag will support three standard laundry baskets a week. 

One bag is included with your subscription. Any additional Wash & Fold bags will be an added cost per bag. Our 20lb bag is $34.99 and our 30lb bag is $49.99.

All household items will be charged per piece as part of our drycleaning service. Also, any items that should be drycleaned, like suits, dresses, wool items and silk will be an additional charge per piece.

1.) 20 gallon bag / $99.00 per month which gives you roughly eight laundry baskets a month and a $40.00 savings.

2.) 30 gallon bag / $139.00 per month which give you 12 laundry baskets a month and a $60.00 savings.

No, please make sure to check for pens, food or gum to prevent any contaminated loads. Regarding any difficult stains please leave us a note and we’ll treat the garments with an additional charge per piece. 

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Laundry is no easy feat. Our Wash + Fold service removes the stress of the mundane task of laundry. When they sign up, recieve $10 off your next load.

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